SSL (secure sockets layer):

Secure sockets layer protocol that allows browser/Google using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to communicate securely with web servers. Secure Sockets Layer mechanism provides encryption and authentication data sent between processes running on a client and server. Secure sockets layer has been implemented for email, file transfer, instant messaging and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Why do you need a secure sockets layer?
  • Encrypt Links

    Secure sockets layer encrypt links between a web server and a browser in an online communication.

  • Secure Sockets

    Secure sockets layer improves SEO.

  • Securely Process

    With Secure Socket Layer, you can securely process credit card payments, the online transaction with proper encryption.

  • Secure website

    Secure your website with SSL.

  • Increased SEO

    Increased SEO ranking and security advantages with SSL.

  • Secure Connection

    Secure sockets layer create a secure connection between a customer’s web browser and the server of the company.

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